Brie Larson Filled In For Jimmy Kimmel Last Night And I’d Be OK If She Just Took Over Entirely

Like most millennials, I really don’t watch late-night television on television, but on YouTube the next day.

Last night, however, I was up fretting about whether Santa was going to bring me the pony I asked for and happened upon Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Needless to say, something looked different about Jimmy from the get-go.

I couldn’t’ quite put my finger on it at first, but then I realized it was not Jimmy at all, but Brie Larson!

Anyway, I ended up watching the whole show, which a rarity on top of the rarity that is watching late-night TV at all.

Figured it’s worth sharing the monologue and a clip of her interviewing a very professional Jamie Foxx — who expertly manages not to stare down at her, umm, dress during the interview.

Brie Larson’s Jimmy Kimmel monologue:

Brie Larson’s Jamie Foxx interview:

I’m a Jimmy fan and all, but for my money, I’d vote to replace him with Brie permanently. The internet seems to agree, though perhaps for more horny reasons than me.*

*J/K who am I kidding she was absurdly hot in that dress.

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