Man Being Forced Out Of Apartment By Landlord Films Petty Revenge Tour Video

A lot of people’s 2020 plans have been canceled. Travel, weddings, their actual jobs. In all that uncertainty, it’s very unfortunate that people are also getting their housing canceled. Landlords are still threatening people with evictions, trying to grab their stimulus checks, and intercepting packages to get their rents, even though there are mortgage relief programs in many places. Kicking people out during a pandemic is a terrible thing to do, but it might not be the most strategically savvy move either. People are pissed. Like Mr. Sandy Batchelor.

I don’t know why actor Sandy Batchelor is being kicked out of his apartment. He might just be a terrible tenant. But the video he shared on Twitter under his Twitter handle @SandyBatchelor, indicates a far deeper animosity between himself and his landlord. It also seems unlikely that he’s working much right now, though he might start soon since his clip went viral. It’s supposed to be for the leasing agents who are going to rent it out from under him.

He posted it with the caption, “Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very best of luck.”

After showing off his slippered feet, Sandy takes us on a tour, which reveals strategically placed printed signs that read, “DON’T RENT THIS FLAT!” and “YOU WILL HATE IT HERE” and “THERE IS A GHOST WHOO.” But the stuff he says might be even better than that.

Sandy Batchelor landlord video, revenge landlord video
via Twitter

 “This is the living room, all this is coming with us because the f—k comes unfurnished,” he starts. “There’s the bins just outside the living room window, that’s lovely in the summer when it’s hot.”

Then he points out, “Ant bait station because there’s ants, that fireplace doesn’t work. There’s some shelves, the boy who put them in must’ve been drunk when they did it, because there’s about a 30-degree angle in them.”

In the kitchen, he points to different shelves and says they’re leaving with him, too, and the same boy who did the living room shelves must have been responsible for the kitchen because “it’s only half finished.” 

In the backyard he points out a rat bait trap, because the area has a big rat problem, but says the trap doesn’t matter because “you can feed them plutonium” and they’re still coming back. He points out a black mold problem in the corner, and says his landlord responded to complaints about that by saying they should keep the place well ventilated…in January.

Finally, at the end, Sandy shows off a wardrobe that’s leaving with the current tenants and in the mirrors you can see he’s wearing a black bra, panties, and sunglasses. Then he tells everyone not to vote Tory. 

Sandy Batchelor landlord video, revenge landlord video
via Twitter

Sandy’s video has been watched over seven million times, and folks are really enjoying it and the opportunity to talk about crappy landlords and petty revenge:

But perhaps no one is enjoying viral fame like Sandy himself:

And his mom. God Bless the Scottish people.

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