Everyone Had At Least One “Weird Kid” At Their Schools (22 Stories)

Kids are freaking weird. Kids say weird things, kids do weird things, and there’s no way of understanding exactly what is going on in their little heads. But c’mon, we were all there at some point. We did our best to learn and understand the world around us and as adults, we know all too well that the world around us is also really freakin’ weird, so are they really to blame? 

Still, you have to admire the little ones who are unapologetically themselves. Most of us don’t ever find that kind of confidence.

Some of my fondest memories from being in school come from that one kid in class who was exceptionally… different. You know the one, every school has them (and if you can’t think of one, it was probably you). What better way to celebrate our collective weirdness than sharing our “weird kid in school” stories?

Redditor u/UngyBungy9383 asked the people of Reddit: “What did ‘the weird kid’ in your school do that you’ll never forget?”

And the answers are exactly what you’d expect: REALLY freakin’ weird. 


“Bell rings, play ground doors open, weird kid walks directly to the center and screams for a full minute. I thought it was weird then, but now I can relate.” –Qhueman


“Pulled down his pants in the middle of a public bathroom and spin in a circle while spraying piss everywhere and shouting “AROUND THE WOOORRRLLLD”. –skoomsy


“7th grade, guy Didn’t have a pen/pencil for the test and the teacher wouldn’t give him one (“you need to be prepared, blah”). Yeah, the dude took out a paper clip, straightened it out, stabbed himself, and started doing the test using his blood as ink. He was quickly sent to the nurse’s office.” –StudJBagel


“Chew the stuck gums under the tables.” –-TheGentleman


“Ended up in a mental institution because his parents bought him a new mattress and while removing the old one they found multiple mason jars full of blood, no exaggeration 2 gallons total. There was a police investigation and turn out it was all his blood, his only answer as too why was “just in case”. ” –jedadkins


“Dressed like the Queen of England (hair, shoes, and everything) from elementary to middle school, then dressed like a doll for a year, tried to hook up with everyone, got kicked off stage at a talent show for doing a burlesque routine, would work her sexual prowess into every oral report, and her last year she came to school 2 times in just a mini skirt and bra.” –SSPOTATOCHIP


“This girl decided she wanted to be pregnant. She proceeded to ask probably half the people in our high school if they would impregnate her, and then when that didn’t work she brought a zip-lock bag and asked for guys to jizz in it.

Everyone called her Sperm Bank after that, and I honestly can’t remember her real name.” –TimberTatersLFC


“We were getting DNA samples in biology. Most of the class used spit but he tried to squeeze milk out of his nipples. MILK! After that didn’t work out he attempted to get pimple fluid from his pimple. When the teacher noticed and questioned he answered “I got some out just this morning”. –P0rvari


“He would get almost fully naked to pee in the urinal.” –SovietUkulele


“During assembly one afternoon, a few weeks from ball or prom, he went up on stage while our entire year was filing into the auditorium and taking our seats. He was part of the A/V club (surprise) so his responsibility was making sure the microphones worked so nobody questioned why he was up there tinkering with the mic.

Anyway, 90% of our year has come in at this point when he starts singing Jumper by Third Eye Blind over a karaoke version of the song he found on Limewire and he’s changed the ‘my friend’ part of the chorus to the name of the girl he wants to ask out to prom. He gets about halfway through the song before one of the teachers realizes it isn’t a joke and gets up on stage to drag him out.” –tonfx