It’s Cats Vs. Dogs In This Viral Obstacle Course Challenge

Without the ability to leave our homes for much more than the occasional walk around the neighborhood or a quick geared-up jaunt down to the local Costco, people are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to pass the time.

Of course, that’s easier to do when you aren’t spending isolation alone. But you don’t necessarily need human companions to help occupy your time; furry friends will do just fine.

But forget playing fetch or taunting your cat with a laser pointer. Instead, considering jumping on the latest quarantine trend — intense obstacle courses for your pets.

People have begun pitting their dogs and cats against one another, coercing them into facing down the same obstacle course.

As you can probably guess, the cats generally pick their way daintily across the minefield of everyday objects set up by their obnoxious humans, while the dogs just barrel through in a mad dash to get their person while hoping for the best.

The trend has caught on, and every single addition is a delight to watch.

Every animal approaches the sudden introduction of obstacles differently, and since you can never go wrong watching videos of cute pets, each one is truly its own unique gift to the world.

And some dogs are actually doing rather well!

Some of these pups are pretty skilled at avoiding knocking things over after all!

And, okay, some are just tall.

Though some are just borderline tragic.

This is exactly what my dog would do — just sit on the other side and cry, absolutely clueless as to how to cross everything without knocking it over and risking the human becoming sad.

Of course, no matter who does better in an obstacle course, when it comes to the age old question of cats vs dogs, the answer remains clear:


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