aita boyfriend playing video games while girlfriend has seizure

Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Being Mad At BF Who Played Video Games When She Was Having A Seizure

The subreddit r/AmItheA**hole is where people go to figure out if they’ve been an a**hole in a situation. It’s also a place where some people go for validation over a situation where they are so clearly in the right that they basically just want a chorus of approval. This is basically one of those stories because the poster, u/FreyaAlinaCeleste, is so obviously correct to think she is not being a jerk and her boyfriend is, she mostly just needs support to throw the whole boy away.

The OP is 20, her boyfriend is 21, and it sounds like they have a pretty crappy relationship. She writes that on a day she was in a good mood, she asked him to go to something with her and he rejected it for being “unimportant.” She says he had an interview that afternoon that she set up for him (what??), but he was supposed to come by afterward, around 5:40. A few hours before, this happened:

I was having a shower and, whilst I was shaving, I had a particularly big seizure. I cut up my arm and my leg, I fractured my foot, I cracked the bath, and brought the entire ceiling down. I awoke to the ungodly crash beneath me, about 40 minutes after I remember going in to the shower. I went to my room, called an ambulance, and text my boyfriend.

My boyfriend text back immediately, so he knew what had happened, and I text him immediately after: he never bothered to respond.

I spent an hour with the paramedics until my sister arrived to look after me. It’s worth noting my sister lives an hour’s drive away whereas you can get to my boyfriend’s house in less than five minutes.

I took a nap and woke up to a load of discord notifications from the GC and it turns out whilst I was having the longest seizure of my life, my boyfriend was just f—king about playing a stupid boat game. He plays games every day, normally it gets a bit annoying but I don’t really care, do what makes you happy. HOWEVER, given the circumstances I am incredibly upset and hurt that he chose to play a stupid boat game over even checking that I was alright (until his sister told him off).

I sent him a message going off at him because I don’t think that was okay to do when you claim to love someone, but I KNOW that when he wakes up and/or reads it he’ll just be like WeLl I sAiD iD pLaY wItH tHeM and YoUrE oVeRrEaCtInG, so before he has the chance to make me feel worse than I already do, I’m here to triple check that I’m not the arsehole here.

You gotta triple check on that? Really? Schools need to start teaching basic human decency in relationships because this is cause to end one.

OP also shared pics of her messed up ankle and the trashed house as proof for the skeptics in the comments:

aita boyfriend video games seizure
via Reddit
aita boyfriend video games seizure
via Reddit

It seems like a pretty open and shut case: the OP is not the a**hole, but she is a dummy if she keeps sticking with this guy. She did update with an edit that implies they’re still together:

ETA: As predicted, he’s told me that as I’m going to “keep sh—tting on him” (translates to telling him he’s upset me and it’s not okay) he’s going to ignore me and go back to bed 🙃

He’s still in your bed? Honey, no! The story made its way over to Twitter, too, and people met it with disbelief:

If he doesn’t show up for your seizures, he’s not your boyfriend. He’s a life-stealing succubus. Case closed.

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