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The Future Texting Meme Mocks All The Stuff Your Toxic Ex Wants To Say To You But Really Shouldn’t

The holidays make people nostalgic. There’s a lot of time spent with family, a lot of time thinking about love, and as the New Year approaches, a lot of time thinking about the past. Pour a bunch of alcohol on top of that and you’re pretty much screwed, a formula which has birthed the Future texting meme.

This recipe for disaster will have you drunk texting every number in your phone, from somebody you haven’t seen since junior high all the way up to that Postmates delivery guy who got lost on your block last week. It’s a time that brings up a lot of feelings, but the most dangerous feelings of all are the ones you’ll suddenly have for your ex again.

Twitter user @Easy_eric_ turned the season’s tendency to ruin people’s phone game into the perfect “sending ex holiday texts” meme, using a photo of rapper Future.

“Happy Thanksgiving. I just wanna let you know I’m thankful for you & all the times we had. Tell your mom too. Miss you,” he wrote. Deep.

He also had advice for guys who were trying to start things up again for Thanksgiving, saying, “You gotta send these as separate texts btw fellas. Maybe wait bout a minute or two in between each one too.”

People obviously found the meme pretty relatable, because soon everyone was doing it, like @BlvkKing who wrote a magnum opus, captioning the Future pic with,  “Happy Thanksgiving, hope you’re well. I just wanted to say I’m thankful for everything you are. You a blessing, even when I couldn’t see that. I miss us but I see you’re happy with your new man. If you ever need a friend I’m always here. You don’t have to respond, just be well.”

Wow. So true.

There were many iterations throughout Thanksgiving:

But Christmas was right around the corner. Time to fire up that Future texting meme again, and tell everyone you used to date that Christmas trees always make you think of them!

Eventually, it turned around and became about those of Future’s rumored girlfriend, Lori Harvey, according to the Daily Dot. Is she texting her ex while Future is in the next room?

We all have an ex we think about texting when the music and wine is flowing. Log onto Twitter and read how ridiculous you sound instead. You’ll thank yourself on January 1st.

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