19 People Share Their Reasons For Walking Out Of A Job Interview


“They told me to smile and show my teeth. I did. The interviewer said I had great teeth. Then asked why I had to show my teeth. She replied, ‘To see if you are a meth user.’ I stood up and said, ‘Thank you, and please do not contact me.'” — lifes-reject


“I sat for an hour waiting for the manager. I could see some of the employees muttering and snickering. Made me feel really self-conscious. I was watching them and I saw one of the fry-cooks drop an entire wire basket of fries. They went everywhere. He scooped them up off the dirty floor and popped them in the oil, looked at me, winks, and blew a kiss.” — carmelacorleone


“They asked me to pay for ‘administrative fee.’ It’s a giant red flag.” — janganpercayasaya


“A driving job advertised as paying $16 an hour plus tips. During the interview they clarified it’s actually $9 an hour but the tips would bring the average up to $16 an hour. No thanks. Maybe don’t word it like your wage will be $16 and the tips will be added to that. They knew what they were doing, I could tell the interviewer noticed my change in demeanor when she told me the truth. Borderline bait and switch.” — fetidshambler


“Not me but a buddy noped out of an interview at a sex store when he found out one of his duties would be mopping the jizz out of the viewing booths” — ParfortheCurse


“I waited 30 minutes for the manager to show up to interview me and then I left. I decided if she was doing this at the interview, it was likely indicative of how she’d be at the regular job.

Ten minutes of driving later, she called me and said, “I’m here, you can come back now if you want.” I said, no, thank you.”—cwills815


“We won’t give you a contract until you’ve bought your uniform and paid for your training.” Yeah, no.—AnotherThrowaway0344


“When I asked how much they’d pay me and the response was ‘you can make as much as you want'”—-CorrectOpinion-


“Was applying for a youth pastor position ~15 years ago. Wanted me to work full time for 30k and my wife to ‘volunteer’ as church admin for free full time. I informed him that my wife has a bachelors in education and the student loans aren’t going to pay for themselves. He said I need to have more faith that I would be taken care of by God. Honestly the prime example I have of why I was never successful at joining the ministry.”—Dmonney

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