Eli Manning Joined Twitter And Was Immediately Roasted By Tom Brady

Quarantine is really driving people to extremes in their boredom. Instead of dying his hair or learning to bake frog bread with a sourdough starter, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning decided to join Twitter. Sir, please don’t do this to yourself. You’ve managed to avoid social media this long, why break your record?

Unfortunately, I’m getting to him too late. Manning opened his account on Saturday, and his first tweet was a joke twist on a quote from Hoosiers. 

He wrote, “To paraphrase Jimmy Chitwood, ‘I don’t know if it’ll make any change, but I figure it’s time for me to start playing social media.'”

At least he’s on-brand.

There have been hints that the boom would fall for a while, starting with a screenshot of a text that seemed to be from Eli, saying he was “thinking about” joining, posted by fellow footballer Lawrence Tynes.

“Do it!” Tynes replied. “You would go to 1m instantly.”

As of Wednesday, Manning has just under 300k followers, so perhaps Tynes underestimated. And he has been tweeting quite a lot, mostly about sports and charity causes. He did have this seemingly joking exchange with rival Tom Brady, who welcomed him to the hellscape immediately:

Most people have been pretty friendly as Eli Manning joins the Twitter ranks, but a lot of them also poured out every gif and meme and roast they had in their back pocket for exactly this moment:

Is Manning overwhelmed by the attention and notifications of Twitter yet? Who knows. But I hope he was advised by his circle to have someone else running his account like 75 percent of the time. And that he escapes as soon as quarantine is over.

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