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Bizarre Celebrity Tweets I Still Think About A Lot (20 Tweets)

Nobody in this world is forgiven for being a weirdo like a celebrity. They can just say or tweet out whatever the heck they want, and rather than being called “bizarre” or “weird” they are deemed “eccentric” or “funny.” To be fair, that sort of constant attention is a just reward and curse.

For example, Cardi B‘s recent, unexplained decision to rock monstrous duplex dad kicks. Whether or not Lindsay Lohan actually “party-crashed” Paris Hilton’s car party with Britney Spears, or if Paris is just being a jerk. Also, the dozens of questions the world still has regarding Mark Wahlburg’s alleged daily schedule.

Point being, celebrities get to say mysterious and bizarre things, and then everyone forgets about it within the hour because another celebrity has said something mysterious and bizarre. Tweets, however, are forever. Here are 20 I still think about with fondness, bemusement, and concern:

1. This genuine question/opinion:

2. This NFL desire:

3. This terse statement:

4. This valid confirmation:

5. This semi-panicked admission:

6. And this retail mystery:

7. This legendary profession:

8. This genuine thirst:

9. This hair feedback:

10. This social media exorcism: