Kind Of Rude That Jennifer Lopez Is Hotter At 50 Than Many People Are In Their 20s

Last night’s incredible Super Bowl LIV halftime show treated us to none other than the miracles of the human body, specifically the fact that two women in their 40s and 50s (Shakira is 43, while Jennifer Lopez is 50) are able to dance, twerk, pole dance, and belly dance—all on tiny pointed heels no less. While they killed it, the world sat on couches eating Doritos and watching them in awe. Not to mention the fact that Demi Lovato also crushed the national anthem before the start of the game. It was a night of power and age-defying magic. 

But for real, it’s pretty incredible what Jennifer Lopez managed to pull off, and the fact that she performs now just as she always has—with power and zest. Now, 50 is by no means old (and age really is but a number) but most people by age 30 feel like exhausted, achy-backed zombies. 

And that’s what’s got everyone talking (well, that and Shakira’s magnificent use of the Zaghrouta, an expression of joy in the Arab world (as well as in other cultures). 

Here’s a sampling of brains exploding on Twitter over the ‘Omg, she’s 50’ conversation:

A lot of people pointed out the fact she’s looking better than some of us did in “our prime.” (Except that women are awesome at any age).

This exact one-sided conversation happened in living rooms throughout the world last night…

It seems HIGHLY unlikely that J-Lo would be moving into a 55+ community anytime soon…

A reminder that they’re extra badass because they’ve had kids, too:

Some people weren’t surprised at all, though. Age is, of course, just a number—and these performers are used to hard work, practice, and dedication.

The whole discussion led to other women in their 50s sharing their body love and pride, too.

It goes to show that we can accomplish anything throughout the years—and we definitely don’t all peak at 20.

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