TikTok Teens Are Romanticizing “Millennial Music” Just In Case You Didn’t Already Feel Ancient

Millennials are having quite a moment right now with TikTok. Finally, there is a social media platform they DON’T control and, well, it has been difficult to handle.

Especially when they swipe up only to find beloved childhood staples labeled as “vintage” or “old.”


Millennials have watched as their skinny jeans, chevron-patterned draperies, and side parts have been ripped to shreds. But they’re not taking our early 2000s music. In fact, Gen Z and millennials are both enjoying a millennial-centric TikTok challenge.

For the past year, the millennial music challenge has held steady as a TikTok meme.

Maybe it’s the number of millennials that flocked to TikTok during quarantine, a penchant for nostalgia or just younger generations finding out that yes, their elders are a little cool.

This Gen Z sis is extremely well versed in early 2000s RnB.

Let’s see how other Gen Zers do.

This TikTok user tried the challenge out with her 13-year-old sister.

In fact, the challenge is 10 times more fun when you do it with family.


In a delightful post, this person imagined what TikTok would look like in 1992, with a soundtrack driven by ’90s staple, Ace of Base.

One TikTok user even pointed out that there is a *specific* sound that is only found in millennial music. And now that he pointed it out, we can never unhear it.


There’s a term for this. It’s called the “millennial whoop” and it was super popular 2010-2014. #music #comedy #pop

♬ original sound – Trombone David

Let’s hear one big MILLENNIAL WHOOP for early 2000s music.