Turns Out A Lot Of People Think “Onion” Headlines Are Real (30 Pics)

With deep fakes, fake news, and regular ol’ propaganda, there’s plenty of misinformation floating around out there and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

THAT being said, sometimes it’s pretty easy.

For example, when it’s an obvious joke. Also, when it’s a less obvious joke, i.e. satire.

If it’s a headline from The Onion or The Babylon Bee or Reductress, you should know by now that it’s satirical.

Of course, there are still plenty of dummies who seem like they just logged onto the internet for the first time who don’t get it. These are some of those dummies.

1. Who’s gonna tell her?

2. Mind is blown

3. Somone sure needs to “take some time off Twitter”

4. Unintentionally appropriate emoji

5. Lost another one

6. You can’t argue with statistics

7. Literally unbelievable

8. *WOOSH*

9. Give it a few years

10. “Baited”

11. Just fell off a turnip truck

12. Oh yeah, THAT’S why it’s fake

13. 10/10 reply

14. You mean to tell me “Thug Muncher” isn’t a reputable journalist?

15. Unnecessary slam on bartenders 

16. Sounds like someone else got a Netflix deal

17. *whispers* they are kidding you

18. Would do

19. Guess they’re a tennis fan

20. You learn something dumb every day

21. LOL they even posted the text

22. *shakes head*

23. Important to remember Snow White isn’t real

24. Dihydrogen monoxide = H2O = water

25. Don’t they though?

26. “Wtf” indeed

27. That little boy had it coming

28. You KNEW??

29. The “devil”

30. Total photoshop