uber eats popular foods, uber eats quarantine

Here Is Every State’s Most Popular Uber Eats Order During Quarantine

People haven’ really figured out what to do with all of this sudden free time, maybe because most of us are grappling with confusion and despair. Some folks have managed to give themselves a schedule. Most of us are just eating and sleeping throughout our days and into the night because time has lost all meaning.

Day? Night? Dinner? Brunch? None of it matters! Food, however, remains delicious which is why Uber Eats is doing such brisk business right now. Also because people can’t leave the house.

Uber Eats has been sharing some data about what people order when under extreme emotional distress, and it’s basically a lot of carbs according to the list of most popular foods by states, shared by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Folks have eaten A LOT of french fries this past month, though the shape and consistency of those fries changes by state. The next two most popular dishes are pad thai and garlic naan.

Folks, ya gotta eat a vegetable once in a while or no one is making it through this.

Some of the most popular foods did surprise me. For dessert, the biggest orders were for tiramisu, baklava, and cheesecake—tiramisu doesn’t travel super well. Maybe it’s just too hard to make at home? There were also a lot of choices that didn’t surprise me at all. Pennsylvania is all over that Philly cheesesteak. Even when everything changes, some things never change.

See what surprises you on the list and get some ideas for dinner tonight:

uber eats popular foods, uber eats quarantine

Arizona: French Fries

California: Chicken Tikka Masala

Colorado: Carne Asada Fries

Connecticut: Burrito Bowl

Florida: French Fries

Georgia: Pad Thai

Hawaii: BBQ Mixed Plate

Illinois: French Fries

Indiana: Waffle Fries

Iowa: Large Poké Bowl

Kentucky: Pad Thai

Louisiana: Chips and Queso

Maine: Cheese Pazzo Bread

Maryland: Egg, Bacon, and Cheese

Massachusetts: Burrito

Michigan: Pad Thai

Minnesota: Garlic Naan

Missouri: Crab Rangoon

Montana: Enchiladas

Nevada: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

New Jersey: Chicken Sandwich

New York: Jerk Chicken

North Carolina: Nachos

Ohio: Notso Fries

Oklahoma: Spicy Tuna Roll

Oregon: Fried Chicken

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: Hot Dog South

Carolina: French Fries

Tennessee: Pad Thai

Texas: Pad Thai

Utah: Carne Asada Fries

Virginia: French Fries

Washington: French Fries

Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon

More favorites by state: