People Are Pointing Out The Way Dads Deal With Snacks And Wondering Why It’s Universal

At some point, dads were just dudes going about their life. Before that they were kids, on the same track as all of us. At what point in the development from kid to dad are these guys taken aside and taught how to eat snacks? Because as people on TikTok have been pointing out, they all kind of approach eating a snack the same way. It must be evolution: the prime hunter-gatherers collected and ate their snacks just this way. It’s an Alpha move. Or something.

You may not know what I’m talking about until you read it, but I am sure most people with dads around the house will recognize this gesture: take the snack in your hand. Shake it around. Then eat.

I can picture my own dad doing it perfectly, and though I’ve never thought about it before, I can believe other dads also do this.

Buzzfeed News started collecting videos of dads doing the Snack Shake (not to be confused with Shake Shack), and it’s hilarious to watch them build up, one after the other.

“Why does ever dad shake their snacks?” user @ej_savage_lmao asks.

@ej_savage_lmaoAnd that’s on cashews 😔👊🏻 ##dad ##neverfitin ##natureathome♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

This kid got caught doing the almond shakes:

@jjhayes415The almond shake ##fyp ##foryou ##dads ##almonds♬ original sound – jjhayes415

This dad tries to explain himself:

@madisonpgray9why do all white dads eat almonds like this♬ original sound – madisonpgray9

This dad did not leave a nut to shake:

@npastaaaccurate representation of the white dad eating nuts ##fyp ##whitedads ##foryou♬ original sound – npastaa

This kid is roasting dads like a delicious honey-nut almond:

@whatsgoingonyoutubeThis is Daddy 101 ##fyp ##foryou♬ human – Christina Perri

We have to let dads have their simple joys, so if you try to catch one in the act, let him go in peace afterward. So they can hang out with that dog or cat they said they didn’t want who has since become more important to them than you, their child. It’s their nature.

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