Artist Figures Out Perfect Way To Respond to TikTok Influencers Asking For Free Stuff

We’re all very familiar with the Instagram influencers who are constantly trying to get stuff for free from hardworking artists, designers, restauranteurs, you name it. They’re exhausting and they have virtually no influence or business acumen or even proof success. But have you heard of the TikTok influencer?

With the app’s rise in popularity, it was only a matter of time before influencing culture became the norm over on TikTok as well and also only a matter of time before they showed up on r/ChoosingBeggars. Redditor u/dakotaraptors posted about how they’re constantly accosted by TikTokers who want some of their jewelry for free, sharing a screenshot with the explanation, “I get a lot of DMs daily from teen TikTok ‘stars’ asking for free stuff from my business, and here’s an example.”

They responded to the DM from this TikTok influencer by saying that the best way to support a small business is by purchasing from it.

“I clicked on your TikTok and it seems like you get 200 views per video and you followers are 12,” they continued. “Unless your 1000 tiktok followers with no forms of currency can help me pay off my student loans, please stop asking small business for free stuff. Thanks.”

They finished it off with a clown emoji. Harsh, but fair. The commenters were firmly in the OP’s corner:

The OP added in a comment that the CB is 19-years-old, as are they, and that they mostly make items for teen girls so the commenters of Reddit supporting their post probably wouldn’t want to buy. They also said this:

I get second hand embarrassment from these messages. Some of them are a whopping four paragraph essay and they have the common theme of telling me how many followers they have on tiktok, how many views, their Instagram following, etc. I’m like dawg?????????????? just get a job. If you have time to write Martin Luther’s 95 theses you have time to write a resume, get a job, and support a small business by purchasing from it.

But there was enough support for the OP that they decided to test a suggestion they got a few times for how to respond to these TikTok influencers.

“I took some advice that were given after posting the conversation I had with a TikTok “influencer” yesterday,” they wrote in a second post. “This is what the first person I made the offer to said.”

The bargain the OP offered this choosing beggar (who seems to be a different one?) is that they can buy a piece of jewelry and offer a discount code for it on one of their TikToks. If 12 people use the discount code, their money for the piece will be refunded. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you have faith in your ability to sway an audience to buy something.

“It’s too expensive,” the TikToker replied. “I don’t want them anymore.”

So, the OP revealed that the item in question was $9.99. Commenters quickly pointed out that this TikToker must have very little faith in themselves because if they could get 12 people to use a discount code, they could potentially get more. Which might translate into money or store credit. Where’s the Business Sense?

Not only are people with biggish followings trying to get stuff for free to no benefit to the artist, they don’t even have the know-how to actually capitalize on deals. They just want the shiny thing for minimal effort. You’ll never break out of TikToking that way, kid.

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