Gen-Z Teens Are Sharing All The Ways Millennials Are Out Of Touch

11. Not Recognizing Similarities

We know what silly bands and landlines are. I still remember having a GameCube. I also remember having one of those tiny old Nokia phones that couldn’t download games. We’ve listened to Queen and Madonna and Billy Joel, and just because most of us don’t listen to it regularly doesn’t mean we don’t know it. –RoZelQue

12. Internet Culture

My dad and stepmum who are millenials didnt understand why I didnt want my baby sister to be called karen and didnt understand when I said that she’ll grow up asking for the manager. –Imanormalperson279

13. Absorption In Social Media

my mother is a millennial and she doesn’t really notice me or even talk to me. like i’ve sneaked out in front of her and she didn’t notice because she was on her phone. she’s so focused on her phone/laptop/tablet or that i almost feel kind of replaced by technology which sounds dumb but it sucks –miles_27

14. Even More Meme Culture

How quickly memes can die, The “they did surgery on a grape” meme was relevant for like what? A day? –Smakintheface

15. Like, Do You Even Get This?

I skkkk and I oop lmao –copywriterdavid

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