The 5 Regular People Who Became The Hottest Memes Of Summer 2019

4. Resse Hardy AKA ‘Crying Dancer’

This TikTok user @Reesehardy_  uploaded a video of herself dancing while crying. Why? Self-expression. It is maybe the most teen video I have ever seen, expressing that particular sexual drama that comes with young love and access to Mariah Carey’s discography:

It became a pretty popular meme for expressing deep grief:

And Reese recently posted an update:

She’s working some stuff out.

5. Smudge the Cat versus Taylor Armstrong

These are two memes brought together in perfect side by side photo format form.

According to the Daily Dot, the first image is a screenshot from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which Taylor Armstrong got into a pretty heated fight with Camille Grammar. The episode aired in 2011, but the picture has been used by people pretty frequently, because…well, look at it. Those are feelings and feelings can only be expressed through memes sometimes.

The second picture of a sour-faced puss became popular on Tumblr after it was posted by Tumblr user deadbeforedeath with the caption, “he no like vegetals.”

The cat in the meme is named Smudge and he has a popular Instagram account where it is clear that he does not like vegetals:

The tweet from @MISSINGEGIRL is what really set the meme off and it became the perfect way to illustrate when one person has a lot to say and the other person is refusing to engage. Or just doesn’t know what’s going on.

Smudge seems unaware of their viral fame, though the person who runs their account is taking full advantage of the “woman yelling” hashtag.

Taylor Armstrong is getting these kinds of comments on her Instagram, however:

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This is the dark side of becoming a meme.

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