Woman Calls Cops On Parent Leaving Baby In Car, Now People Are Arguing Over Whether She Went Too Far

In we-can’t-believe-we-are-actually-writing-this news, people on Reddit and Twitter are debating over whether or not it is safe to leave a child in a car.

In the subreddit r/AITA (Am I the Assh*le?), a user asked if they were the assh*le for calling the cops on a woman who left her toddler unattended in the car while she ran into a store.

The post is titled “AITA for calling the cops on someone who left their baby in a car, even though they said they were coming back?”

The post starts out by saying the OP was at the grocery store when they saw a woman leave a toddler-aged child in the backseat. They alerted the woman that the child was still in the car in case it was an accident. The woman said “Thanks for your concern, but I’ll only be a minute” and walked away from OP.

The two argued, with OP telling the woman she can’t do that to her child. OP paraphrased what the woman said, and the reason she left the child in the backseat is because she didn’t want to wake her kid.

After the two parted ways, OP called 911 to report the child in the backseat.

The post drew so much controversy that moderators ended up taking it down and disabling the comments.

image of the post reddit removed

While the post may no longer be on Reddit, it is still posted on Twitter, through the account @AITA_reddit. Surprisingly, the opinions on the matter were divided.

So, what we have learned today is:

-Do not leave your child unattended in a car
-Do not call the cops on someone, be a good human and offer to watch their child

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