Dude Accidentally Gives His 10-Year-Old Sister An Old Phone Filled With, Uh, “Adult” Material

Over at the subreddit r/TIFU, where people share stories about how they totally and completely messed something up—TIFU stands for “Today I F—ked Up”—a thread is unfolding regarding a dude who gave his younger sister his old hand-me-down phone. The problem? It contained a super-secret “homework” folder…which, you know, most certainly didn’t contain homework.

He starts by saying that his family isn’t exactly rich, so phones and other devices are passed down to younger siblings on the regular.

So when the OP got a new phone, he gave his crappy old one to his younger sister. He thought he moved the shady “homework” folder to the new phone but he was OH SO VERY wrong. 

His younger sister then was trying to install some Barbie apps (she’s TEN, guys) only to find out that the “homework” folder was draining two gigs of memory. And, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the “homework” folder is scandalous. 

Long story short: She explored the folder and then “instantly she ran around the house showing everyone in my family about what atrocities I keep in that document and now nearly all of my family either hates me or is disgusted by me.”


The OP says he’s locked himself in his room with several days worth of food. He’s planning on emerging and accepting his fate soon.

But, WHAT, praytell, is in the damn folder? Even though the inference is tons and tons of porno, people still wanted to be sure:

And yes, it was exactly what you thought it was. And some of it was kinda weird.

Most people came through for the OP, without shaming him. One of the most-liked comments basically said, “It’ll blow over.”

Of course, it’s the thought that counts….when you’re trying to support someone who just exposed their filthiest thoughts to their family. Right?

But people also said, ‘as long as it’s not incest porn, you’re all good.’ Totally fair.

They also had some techy suggestions for the poor kid.

But most of all they messed with him. Because it is hilarious and porn is normal and natural.

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