25 Dudes Dish On The “Creepiest Thing” A Woman Has Done To Them

Creeping: It’s not just for guys anymore!

We’ve made great strides in equality between the sexes in recent decades and that doesn’t just apply to the good stuff. So when a post on the always-inquisitive forum r/AskReddit asked the men of Reddit “What’s the creepiest thing a woman has ever done to you?” the responses rolled in like tears at person’s first therapy session after decades of emotional repression.

While, when we think of creeps, we generally think of men, the women cited in this thread are no-pushovers in the creep department with their insane, boundary-ignoring behavior and antics that range from pet-threatening, to sex creeping, to plain old assault.

Check your double-standards at the door because some of the creepy things women have done to men are doozies. 


In rage, in the middle of the argument she took my fish out of the aquarium and threatened to step on it.

I saved the little guy. It was a beta if you want to know. –pedro_ftw


I fell asleep sitting next to one of my friends on the way home from a school field trip in 12th grade. I woke up to her using my hand to play with herself. As I began to regain consciousness she threw my hand at me and made a huge scene about it. I never talked to her about it. It bothers me to this day. Definitely top 3. –gergsisdrawkcabeman


Me and a friend, both about 12 at the time, had a car with 3 women in pull up and try to get us to go with them “for a good time”, the woman who got out the car was flashing her tits and rubbing herself. It was just surreal, we both just noped the fuck out. I’ll never forget the girl in the back seat flashing her tits as they drove off. Looking back it feels more sinister than it did at the time.  –LarryFong


A girl broke into my house three times in a week while I was rehearsing (cellist). Each time she left money to repair the window, a large bag of twizzlers, and two cans of tuna for my cat. That was it. We had never been romantically or physically involved, we barely even knew each other. –RealityJaunt


I met this girl when I was out one night. She was nice, seemed normal. Went to her house and there was pictures of me around her mirror. –louiestarrz


Once dated a girl, ended up sharing an apartment. After living together for a month I woke up to her staring at me absolutely livid. Naturally I asked her what the deal was, she said “I had a dream that you were messing around with your ex, and I’ve been searching for reasons not to cut your dick off”.

I finally calmed her down and she left to work. I never collected my belongings so fast in my life. Never looked back. –Professional_Nomad


Cut off all of her pubes. Put them in between layers of scotch tape. Crammed them in an envelope with a pair of her used panties and put the envelope under my windshield wiper.

There was a note. Read something like, “I know we can’t be together, but now you’ll always remember me.”

She was right. –jonuggs


Met a girl at a party, we flirted, than we ended up in my bedroom (this was in my apartment). Heavy make out, I suggest having sex, she declines. Heavier making out (basically including anything that’s not intercourse), I suggest having sex again, she declines. Fair enough. We stop the making out and plan to see each other again.

The day we were supposed to meet, she stood me up (I had cooked and it was already time to meet). She told me that she doesn’t want to see me again because I wasn’t pushy enough, she liked men who were less soft and gentle??? She basically told me that when she said no, I shouldn’t have listened?!?! –hectorgarabit


Met a girl at a bar and we ended up back at her place. We had sex and fell asleep. She seemed normal all night, and I saw no red flags at all. I definitely would have dated her again, until she went crazy.

I woke up around 5am and started getting dressed to leave. I had to get home and get ready for work.

She woke up while I was dressing and totally freaked out. She was screaming, angrily “YOU CAN’T LEAVE!!” I explained I needed to go to work, and that I’d call her later. She was having none of that.

Then she attacked. I literally had to physically fight my way out of her apartment, with a few scratches on my arm for souvenirs.

I have no idea what her deal was, and I never went back to the bar I met her in. –Drumlin


I had an ex-girlfriend stalk me for 5 years. I had a restraining order against her that included my grandparents (she had been bothering them) and my parents, but I didn’t think to include my sister because she lived in a different city.

This woman stalked my sister and ended up approaching her at a music festival. She was wearing (this is so insane) one of those hats that has fake dreadlocks attached to it, and she was trying to pretend to be a stranger and get information from my sister. Now, keep in mind 1) She was white as fuck, 2) That was the only thing she did to “disguise” herself, and 3) MY SISTER FUCKING KNEW HER ALREADY.

It would be hilarious if not for the years of harassment and inconvenience she caused me. Every time I would move, she would send me something in the mail to let me know she had my address. One time it was a box with a flannel shirt, a half empty bottle of cologne, a broken toy axe, a bundle of pubic hair, and an 11-page letter written in crayon. Fuck she was crazy. –FearlessLingonberry