This New Four-Foot Penis-Shaped Pillow Is Both Cuddly And Cute
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This New Four-Foot Penis-Shaped Pillow Is Both Cuddly And Cute

Struggling to find a gift for the friend who has everything? Let me direct your attention to Pierre the Penis Pillow


Pierre is from an online gifting website Firebox, and he is super cute and happy to snuggle with you. Is the Jumbo-sized body pillow too intense? He also comes in regular, giant, and small. 

According to Firebox, a penis-related gift is being purchased every 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

“You weren’t satisfied with regular Pierre. Even Giant Pierre wasn’t enough. And it’s not even worth mentioning the World’s Smallest Pierre. You like it large, we get that. So we’ve supersized everyone’s favorite adorable penis just to suit you,” says the website


“Only he’s not so adorable anymore. Don’t worry, he’s still got his cute little face, just on a much much bigger appendage. He must have been flaccid before because now he’s four feet of pure magnificent shaft.”

“Quite possibly the biggest d*ck in the world, jumbo Pierre will keep you warm on long lonely nights for as long as you need him.” 

If penis pillows are not your thing, you can find other quirky gifts at Firebox like personalized pet gifts, pillows you can design with a photograph of someone’s face, and doormats with a variety of sayings. 


Ben Redhead, Head of Buying at Firebox, commented on the popularity of the smiling penis products: 

“Firebox has a total of six penis-related gifts in its Top 100 products this year, averaging one bought every 1 hour and 45 minutes. Following on from this trend for all things phallic, we’re hoping to satisfy the customer’s appetite for Pierre once and for all with this brand new giant version!”

Is there a Pierre pillow in your future? 

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