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Man Asks If He Was Wrong To Revoke Wife’s “Movie-Choosing Privileges” During Quarantine

Being in quarantine has opened up new avenues for people to fight because we’re all stuck with whoever we live with and have no avenue of escape. All sorts of new issues are going to pop up when you’re seeing the same person 24/7 with no other outlets. That’s why I was momentarily willing to give Redditor u/wimbleton10  a chance to explain himself when he posted a story to r/AmITheA**hole with the title, “AITA for revoking my wife’s movie-choosing privileges?”

Okay. Go on. Surely there must be some explanation:

Since being at home, my wife and I have had a lot of extra time to watch movies and TV shows. Most of the time we swap off who picks the movie. However, I feel that we have pretty different tastes. I appreciate movies that are more subtle and realistic, and she likes action-packed, over-the-top type films.

Hmm, still nothing here that justifies you not taking turns, but tell me more:

The last few movies I picked were Richard Jewell, Dark Waters, The Farewell, and Just Mercy, and they were all incredible.

She picked…Crawl (alligator movie), Knives Out, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. They weren’t terrible but they were all pretty goofy and ridiculous. Tonight she insisted it was her “turn” to pick a movie and tried to get me to watch Midsommar with her. I have heard it’s very over the top and ridiculous, and I just can’t deal with her taste anymore. I told her, sorry, after Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, your privileges are revoked. She got annoyed and told me I have sh*t taste. This really bothered me since I am pretty passionate about film and at one point wanted to be a screenwriter. I ended up going upstairs to watch Netflix by myself and she watched something downstairs alone.

Those are all pretty popular and well-regarded films his wife is choosing, so it’s a bit confusing what the problem is. It seems like he just wants everyone to clap for his taste in movies and tell him how smart and sophisticated he is, even though he is trying to limit his wife’s few sources of enjoyment during a pandemic.

He also eventually edited the title to turn “privileges” to “preferences,” saying, “The title is a lighthearted way to phrase this—obviously it isn’t a real ‘privilege’ that I have the power to revoke.” Obviously.

Folks weren’t having it and he was soon labeled a flaming a**hole:


And a few folks recognized this guy as someone who frequently posts questionable stories about his wife in which he appears to be a total jerk. He apparently rushed to delete them, but the Internet has a long memory:

If every story about you makes you wonder if you’re an a**hole, you just might be one. Especially if you’re also a film snob.

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