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19 Women Share The “Biggest Mistakes” Men Make During Sex

11. Being overly rough with sensitive areas

Treating the clit like they’re scrubbing a pan clean Rubbing in between the vagina and clit up and down (rubbing against the urethra), you’re giving me cystitis and it doesn’t feel good—u/thepotatoissleeping

12. Ignoring foreplay

The number of men who think good sex is them pumping away, without any kind of foreplay involved, then are surprised when we tell them we didn’t have an orgasm is troubling.—u/DeadSharkEyes

13. Treating delicate parts like machinery

Finger like you’re digging for something/ trying to start a lawn mower. Where did you learn this?? Please stop.—u/ecitruoc

14. Switching it up too often

Switching positions a lot. I don’t want to feel like a chicken getting grilled. One or two for sessions are perfect for me. No, it does not get boring—u/personpoweer

15. Drooling (?)

Unless you know shes into it, slobbery wet kissing. Being drooled on like a dog is a huge turn off. Again, unless shes into it.—u/HowDoesRedditWorkAHH

16. Confusing porn with real life

Thinking that real women like what porn actresses pretend to like.—u/bluehorserunning

17. Forgetting the boobs (don’t!)

Please please please don’t forget I have boobs. Touch them at least. How does one lose the love of boobs??—u/mendingbrokenthings

18. Neglecting nail hygiene 

Please learn how to use your fingers! 1. Cut your nails 2. Don’t try to rub a hole in my clit 3. Don’t poke! It hurts! 4.CUT YOUR DAMN NAILS!!!!—u/Dolliiy

19. Being too quiet

Silence. This is not the occasion for a stoic demeanor. Let me know you’re enjoying yourself for chrissakes.—u/Cephalopodio

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