Reddit Thread About “Unspoken Social Rules” Will Unlock Your Inner Larry David (18 Responses)

Sadly, people aren’t always aware that there’s this whole, you know, “society thing” going on around them.

I mean, it’s basically the basis for every Larry David rant in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Recently u/HAXposed asked people to bring out their inner Larry David and share the unspoken rules of social interaction that people don’t seem to follow, but that they definitely should:

Here are some of the rants we 100% agree with.

1. Don’t make someone ask you to pay them back.

2. Cover your GD mouth.

3. Tell them when you’re on speakerphone for godsakes.

4. Keep your sick kids away from everyone.

5. Don’t be swiping on someone else’s phone.

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6. No means no, OK?

7. Don’t pressure someone to drink (remember they may be trying to overcome an addiction)

8. Re-rack your weights. You’re at the gym, consider it part of your exercise!

9. Headphones were invented for a reason…

10. Dont’ smoke in someone’s home.

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11. Don’t take your half of the aisle out of the middle.

12. Also don’t stand in the doorway.

13. There are places to stand, but it’s not the stairs.

14. Be mindful of other people on the elevator.


16. Don’t be a close talker!

17. Everyone else is trying to get their luggage too, not just you.

18. Don’t be a rude guest.

19. Don’t ask people do do their job for free:

20. Read (butt most importanyly listen to) the room.

21. We get it, you’re really cool and own a motorcycle.

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