Woman Gets Roasted For Making Her Fiancé Buy Three Different Engagement Rings

Everyone loves a Bridezilla with no self-awareness. A woman named Marina Katsoulis is technically a wife, not a bride, but her post about her many engagement rings still really stirred up Facebook. She eventually seems to have deleted it, but the epic swing and a miss was captured by Ebaumsworld. She writes:

Call me spoiled or needy but my husband knew what he was getting into the day he told me he wanted to marry me. Now I’m super super picky when it comes to my jewellry it all to to match so if I’m wearing silver it’ll have to be silver if I’m wearing gold it I’ll have to be gold if I’m wearing Rosegold everything has to be rose gold so I technically have three engagement rings I have the first string that he proposed to me with which is silver with diamonds and then I have a gold ring and a rose gold ring. Ladies if your man doesn’t love you enough to make sure your OCD isn’t going crazy then you need a new man.

You can imagine what these words inspired in the hearts of people with no mans.


Can OCD really be defined as needing to match all your jewelry to your engagement ring? Honestly, if she hadn’t compared her weird flex to an actual mental health issue, I would not care at all about what she and her husband get up to. If he has the resources and desire to buy her multiple engagement rings, it’s not really my business. People buy all sorts of stuff I don’t understand. As long as you’re not bankrupting yourself or refusing to feed the kids so you can get one more metallic finger circle, then go right ahead.

But her story started going viral as more and more strangers heard about it, and judged it. Lots of people don’t think she’s OCD and DO think she is both spoiled and needy. They were not afraid to tell her so, leaving over three thousand comments on her post. Some were irate, some were baffled, most were making fun of her:


Marina learned a valuable lesson: you can ask your husband for whatever you want, but don’t try and get the Internet’s approval. They never give it.

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