Girlfriend Sends Boyfriend A Pic Of Her Hairy Legs And Gets Shamed

Here’s something you may or may not know about women: they have hair on their legs naturally, just like men!

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Conventionally, in western culture, women have been taught that it’s, to use a corporate term, a “best practice” to keep their legs silky and smooth.

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And if that’s your thing, by all means, go for it! But it’s not for all women. Especially women who are in committed relationships.

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TikTok user @bonedrymilkers (excellent name btw) has hairy legs and she’s not ashamed of it.

According to her TikTok account (which has since been taken private), what started off as a text message exchange meant to amuse her boyfriend turned into a major dispute that went viral on the platform.

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His response?


The TikTok user then explained that the hairy state of her legs was only temporary.

“Okay? It’s not that serious. It’s just leg hair, I’ll [shave] soon. I’ve just been embracing the winter coat.”


He could have dropped it, and been reassured that it was a temporary thing but NO… the conversation spiraled downward from there.


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In a second TikTok video, @bonedrymilkers revealed that the conversation lead toward the pair breaking things off.

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“For those who wanted an update… Our phone call was anti-climactic. It’s obvious I wasted my time.” -bonedrymilkers

Some TikTok users told OP to embrace their natural ways.

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Others encouraged her to DUMP HIS A**.

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… and other commenters did NOT pass the vibe check.

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I swear to God, some of y’all act like women should behave like this:


How about we just decide how to manage our own body hair and no one can challenge it, alright?!

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