TikTok Video Showing How Easy It Is To Spike A Drink Goes Viral

As a woman, I obsessively protect my beverages when I am out on the town.

Still, no matter how careful or vigilant you are, creeps can spike your drink. It’s never your fault, and in an ideal world, we shouldn’t have to worry about being drugged while out with friends.

But unfortunately, the world is not ideal—and people like Mell Hall are using TikTok to try and educate people about how to keep your beverages safe on a night out

Hall, who is from Toronto, uploaded a video on her TikTok page discussing how holding a coaster above your glass is an effective way to protect your drinks. When folks said that the protocol was unnecessary, Hall decided to film a video showing how simple it is to spike a drink.

Now, that video has gone viral

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In her video, Mell recreated various scenarios that perpetrators could stage at a club while.

She used a glass of water on the counter and corn kernels as the drug. She drops the corn kernel into the glass unnoticed in five different ways: handing money over, picking up the adjacent glass, extending a hand to shake, making conversational hand gestures, and “accidentally” bumping into the counter.” 


“I made it in response to a comment on another one of my videos. I had been talking about how coasters are a simple and effective way to protect your drink. There had been some comments from people who felt this was paranoid or unnecessary. The comment I decided to respond to was about whether or not a drink being spiked while you’re holding it is actually noticeable. I decided the best way to respond and explain the risk was with a video.” 

“I thought a visual would be more impactful. So, I searched my kitchen for something pill-sized, which were popcorn kernels, and I got to work. It was a spontaneous thing. I never expected it to go viral!” 

Mell says she hopes that people will decide to be careful in the future after watching her video. 

“I would have been happy if just one person would have walked away from watching this video and decided to be more vigilant and build safer habits for themselves. To my surprise, it looks like millions of people are going to re-evaluate how they protect themselves and those around them! People have been so generous in the comments and have jumped in to give personal anecdotes and share how they keep themselves safer when they go out.”

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