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Women On TikTok Are Ripping Apart Men’s Awful Tinder Profiles In Dramatic Readings

There is a definite art to writing a dating profile for sites like Tinder. And yet, men keep making the same mistakes. If you’ve seen a dating profile featuring a man holding a fish and wearing Adam Sandler sunglasses, you probably know what I’m talking about. Not quite sure what all the fish-holding is about—and neither do most women.

But now, there’s a hilarious new trend on TikTok where women dramatically read these men’s Tinder profiles. 

Kashira Whiteley’s TikTok of these men’s Tinder profile fish pictures went viral on Twitter. She explained in a follow-up tweet that the trend was actually started by @calatime

The trend evolved, and now other women on TikTok are doing their own takes, with some reading Tinder profiles in a hysterically over-the-top fashion.

In particular, one woman has amassed a huge following since taking to TikTok with her hilarious impressions of bad Tinder profiles. Set to “Bella’s Lullaby” from Twilight, @jasminehaslostit re-imagines what the men who wrote the cringe-worthy Tinder bios could have possibly been thinking. 


#greenscreen terrible at it #tinder #MedievalTikTok #fyp

♬ Bella’s Lullaby – Michele Garruti



♬ Bella’s Lullaby From the film TWILIGHT (Carter Burwell) – Dan Redfeld & Elizabeth Hedman


#greenscreen my anthem? Weenie ride.

♬ Bella’s Lullaby – Michele Garruti


#greenscreen sartorial elegance 🥰

♬ Bella’s Lullaby – Michele Garruti

And then there’s @claramelapple. She makes TikToks where she focuses on the “Man of the Hour” — men who have the most horrific bios possible. Clara reads these awful bios without any background music, which honestly makes them send incredibly menacing. 

Take for example, her reading of Caleb’s bio. He calls women “slits, b******, and hoes but wants to find a “quick, easy f***.” A true prince! Not at all a misogynist who might kill you. 


Ty @allieb00 for sending me this and sending me to heaven. #LetsFaceIt #IAmLost #WhatsUpDocChallenge #tinder #relationship #relationshipgoals

♬ som original – Clara

Dudes! Do better!

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