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Some Dudes Are Using Women’s Underwear As Coronavirus Masks

Because we live in the actual worst timeline, guys who can’t find masks to stave off coronavirus infection have decided to turn to wearing…women’s underwear. On their faces. Yes, really. A video from Cjaysan shed a light on the new trend(?) when the Twitch streamer visited Japan.

Cjaysan was filming himself talking to people on the street when he encountered two men with their faces covered with brightly colored fabric.

“Oh! What is that?” he asked the guy breathing in yellow underwear.

“Panty,” he replied.

The conversation led to Cjaysan asking the man if the panties were from his girlfriend, to which he very quickly corrected him to clarify that they are not. Rather, the dudes were wearing the underwear as masks in an attempt to protect themselves from coronavirus.

“Oh, that’s smart,” Cjaysan said.

There’s been a shortage of masks all across the world, and people have been doing their best to come up with creative ways to replicate protection should they have to go out in the world.

But walking around town with women’s underwear on your face is certainly a unique approach to the situation.

And ultimately, probably not one that actually does much good, considering even regular surgical masks are considered to not provide proper protection.

But if we’ve already got people making masks out of bras, it was probably only a matter of time before other undergarments got the same treatment. Though why men can’t just use jockstraps instead of women’s underwear is certainly a question someone needs to be asking. Use your own clothes, boys!

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