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High School Football Player De’Coldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford Goes Viral Over Awesome Name

High school athletes tend to be pretty popular in general, but a wide receiver at Louisiana’s Green Oaks High School has gone viral not for his skills on the football field but for something even more impressive: his name. De’Coldest Toevadoit Crawford has basically become the newest wholesome star we all need in this world and frankly, I’m just sad we didn’t know about him sooner. 

His whirlwind adventure began late last month when Crawford talked to local media outlet KTLA about the upcoming football season and how he felt things would go for his team. He spoke about the new players joining as well as his gameplan for helping to lead them to victory as district champions.

“The first couple of games, they need experience, so the first couple of games we’ll just carry the load, and then the rest of the season they’ll get comfortable with playing, and we’ll do some big things,” he said. 

That all seemed innocuous enough, but when people noticed De’Coldest Crawford’s name, they suddenly realized they had something special on their hands. He started going viral across social media, which then led to an even more amazing turn of events: finding out his middle name. 

After all the attention Crawford was receiving, 247Sports reached out to him to hear the story behind his name, which is when they found out that his middle name is even better. That’s right: his full name is De’Coldest Toevadoit Crawford. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

“My mom came up with my name. She named me this because she knew I would be the best athlete out of everyone in the family,” he explained. “I love the fame everyone’s giving me on social media…keep it going.” 

De’Coldest Toevadoit Crawford may have a ways to go before he proves himself as an amazing athlete, but one thing is for sure—he’ll always have the best name.

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