Boomers Think All Young People Are Millennials And It’s Pissing The Millennials Off

The boomers are having their revenge. After many months of getting “okay boomer-ed” for their opinions on climate change and bootstrapping your way to the top, then losing their minds, they’re not getting to call out millennials for their pandemic behavior. Boomers are complaining that millennials are out partying, ignoring social distancing orders, and acting like this is all an extended vacation:

The only problem is that the people on spring break in Miami aren’t millennials. The youngest millennials are technically 24, the oldest are pushing 40. Boomers have just gotten so used to lashing out at millennials for buying avocado toast, they’ve forgotten how to tell time.

It is a little ironic that millennials are made about this after mocking the boomers for so long, but if you’re shut in the house without much to do besides look at Twitter, feelings will arise. The people below have a whole lot of feelings about being blamed for all the partying going down instead of Gen Z. I suspect it’s because they wish they could be partying. Also, they’re getting old, and that makes people cranky.