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Man Uses A Drone To Fly A Roll Of Toilet Paper To His Friend In Need

We hear a lot about how our technology will eventually kill us during the inevitable Robot Uprising but you can file this story under “positive uses of technology.”

With millions of Americans on lockdown or quarantine, thanks to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic people are having to engineer creative solutions to unusual problems. One such problem is running out of toilet paper thanks to panic shoppers clearing supermarket shelves.

Two friends from San Francisco prevented their TP outage from turning into a toilet emergency by using a drone to hilariously fly a roll of toilet paper across the city.

When engineer Ian Chan ran out of that oh-so-vital paper, his equally tech-savvy pal David Chen literally swooped to the rescue, piloting a drone carrying a single roll of toilet paper across the Bay Area. Talk about a friend in need. 

The video of the special-delivery TP roll being flown across the city as it dangles in the breeze from the drone is extremely funny and Chan was quick to point out that he wasn’t making light of the severity of the pandemic but merely doing his part to spread a little joy in this uncertain time.

Of course, this isn’t the first time drones have been used for good during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A video recently went viral of a drone being ingeniously used to walk a dog (though we’re not sure how it picked up the sh*t.)

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