The Rock’s 3-Year-Old Wanted Aquaman At Her Birthday Party Because He’s “Cooler” Than Her Dad

When it comes to comparisons, there’s a lot The Rock (ahem, Dwayne Johnson) and Jason Momoa have in common.

I mean, first, both are incredibly jacked…


Both are action movie superstars (and allegedly, they both may star in the next Fast & Furious movie.)

Fast & Furious / Aquaman

And both went through, some, umm, awkward fashion phases…


But when it comes to being the biggest, most important action movie star, well, The Rock takes second fiddle to Jason Momoa, at least in his daughter’s eyes.

That’s right, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s young daughter, Tiana, adores Aquaman and made it clear that she wanted the comic book hero at her birthday party.

Her dad made a phone call and the actor who played Aquaman, Jason Momoa, surprised Tiana with a video just for her!


Tiana turned 3 on April 17th and The Rock posed a sweet picture of them. He wished his daughter a happy birthday in the caption. He wrote:

Happy Birthday to my sweetest lil’ Tia Giana 💕💝🎂

Loving, kind, tenacious and tough (like your mama;) and my greatest joy is being your daddy.

I always, “got you”.

Now that she’s finally starting to understand that daddy is Maui from MOANA, she has one very important question —
“Daddy do you know AquaMan?” 😂

@therock / Instagram

Tiana apparently declared that Aquaman is cooler than her father!

The Rock posted another video of himself and Tiana watching a scene from Aquaman with Momoa; the little girl is totally crazy for this character!

@therock / Instagram

When The Rock asked Tiana if Aquaman was cool — cooler than Daddy, even? Tiana jumped right in. Yup. Aquaman is cooler than Daddy.

Her birthday breakfast was even eaten with her Aquaman action figure next to her! Tiana had her father draw Aquaman so she could frame it in her room. The Rock joked, “Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua A** Whuppin’ if this disrespect keeps up.”

Tiana’s mom, Lauren Hashian, wrote on her Instagram: “For the last 7+ months Tia and Jazzy have watched Aquaman every single day. Some families sit down for dinner and watch TV…We sit down for dinner and watch Aquaman 🌊💪🏽Thats right!”

And of course the birthday cake was Aquaman-themed!

Momoa also made a special video for Tiana. He promised her that they would definitely meet and go climbing and surfing together.

She was ecstatic. Dwayne Johnson appreciated Momoa’s time and efforts. “I can’t thank my brother @prideofgypsies enough for making this adoring 3yr old’s birthday the best EVER. Her reaction is priceless and what it’s all about.”

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