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Mom Gets Roasted For Tweet About “Pornographic” Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl Halftime Show this year was sponsored by Pepsi and kept afloat by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez‘s sheer star power. More than afloat: that show shot everyone watching into the stratosphere. There has been a lot of debate on the show’s appropriateness, however, with some claiming the Super Bowl is a family affair, and children shouldn’t know that women can shake their asses too young. Otherwise, they might get…ideas.

One woman named Emily Green went to twitter to air her disapproval, in the strongest terms. She wrote, “I didn’t know it was legal to expose your kids to pornography. What absolute filth. The stadium turned into a strip club and porno movie during the halftime show. Tell me more about your morals, Hollywood. And who I should vote for…..”

Green writes in her bio that she’s a “Jesus follower, wife, momma, speaker, realtor, and the most sarcastic girl you know,” but it doesn’t seem like she’s being sarcastic at all in this tweet.

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Many of the replies to it were pretty sarcastic, however, because people wanted to know what she considered pornographic, exactly. Shakira’s tongue? The beautiful booties? None of that actually qualifies as pornography, but maybe Green has never seen any. Lots of people offered to show her some, if she was willing to take a peek:

Others seemed to think that Green’s tweet implied she is a Trump supporter, which might be true. I scrolled as far as I could stand through her timeline, and there were a few tweets that seemed to be against Elizabeth Warren, but she mostly talks about football. The woman has a variety of interests. It’s at least safe to say she is of a conservative bent:

Green doesn’t really care, either way:

Unless that tweet was sarcastic? I’m not fluent.

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