6-Year-Old’s Furious Letter To His Teacher For Disciplining Him Goes Viral

A woman named Jaquya Bradford shared a letter that her coworker’s 6-year-old son Isaiah wrote to his teacher. The letter was written after the teacher disciplined him (by taking his classroom prizes away) for talking during class. This act made the kid so furious that he wrote a scathing piece of child literature to his teacher

Isaiah was not happy with his stuff being taken away — so he did not hesitate to let his teacher know how he felt. And then some. Not only that, he condemned her to hell AND told her that her new haircut sucked. 

The letter was the stuff of true kid genius:

“Dear Ms. Jones,

I am angry of you Because you took 25 of my hum-ming bird Bucks all because I was talking to Conner that’s no big deal im only 6 I cant be qyet all the time and that makes you a theif and crook a toy are going to Hell real Hell the burning 1 because you a theif. I worked hard for those bucks and my Only prayer in chaple today was that god gets you to hell fast super fast and your new hair cut is Bad real bad.


After he delivered the letter to his teacher, Bradford’s coworker, Isaiah’s mom, was invited in for a parent-teacher conference. We can only imagine the giggles that took place.

In the post’s Facebook comment section (which garnered 10,000 comments and nearly 50,000 shares) there were many amazing reactions, mostly saying that the kid was on point with his reaction:

“LMAO. The real slam isn’t hell, it’s telling her she has a bad haircut, real bad. OMG that’s funny.” — Joyce Wright


“I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the conference. Wonder what the upshot was.” —Heather Lenz 

“This shit funny as hell. Where do these kids come from? This here is real.” — Kim Foster 

This comment did bring up a good point — that the letter was indicative of the little boy’s ability to express himself:

“Well, it was well written for a six-year-old. And honesty is an important thing. Also being able to express yourself and your feelings. That’s often difficult for a male. Gotta look at the positives right?” — Sara Harvey Bratton 

“She took his money he worked hard for shocks…and instead of acting out he put it in writing.” — Kellz Brown 

But some commenters thought the letter was a fake, which got people talking:

“Definitely fake. Looks written by an adult, and a few misspellings thrown in to make it look real. I’ve taught kinder and first long enough to know kids that age don’t spell that well.” — Kirsti Rogers 

“The only thing real about this is the signature on the bottom.” — Jamie Harvey Graham 

“Actually it is possible; my daughter did it. She wanted to do whatever her big brother did so she started kindergarten way ahead of other kids. She was reading signs & things before she started. I spent a lot of time reading etc & she loved workbooks!” — Tanya Bilan Kirsti Rogers 

And some parents found that the child was being disrespectful — and had some not-nice things to say:

“Problem with our society – they’re learning it at home.” — Anni Lee 

“Children should be taught to respect their elders… zero respect for his teacher. Zero respect for basic rules. Totally different culture – a six-year old telling a teacher to go to Hell. We will see what hood rat grows up into … I don’t see much future here.” — Akim Young 

“Why did I read this in Kevin Hart’s voice tho.” — Terrance Hicks 

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