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People Shame Mom Looking To Pay Babysitter $3 An Hour To Watch 3 Kids

We’re in a moment where millions of people are losing their jobs overnight, so these r/ChoosingBeggars posts are definitely hitting different. Someone might actually take this job! But I hope not. Redditor u/JohnnyLong123 posted a screenshot with the title, “Lady wants babysitter to watch her three young kids including a 1-month-old for $160 a week from 7am-6pm Monday-Friday. Oh and they need to be picked up and dropped off as well.”

The post appears to be on some sort of marketplace search. It reads:

“Hi neighbors. I’m planning on going back to work hopefully by April 6th if I can secure a trustworthy babysitter. I have 3 kids. I month old girl, 1 year old boy and 3 year old girl. And I would be paying weekly. To start off with pay would be $160 a week for all children then I could up the price. I’d prefer my children be cared for at the babysitters home. I will need them to be picked up and dropped off. before and after work. I’m looking for 8 to 5 Monday through Friday so babysitting hours range from 7am to 6pm possibly. I would have to talk with you and meet u n person of course before setting up care and would like to have someone that genuinely loves children. If interested message me.”

Oh boy.

There’s one reply in the screenshot as well, which reads:

Do you realize that are paying 3.50 per hour? For three children? And dropped off and picked up? I would be careful hiring anyone for this little they might put your kids in danger…”

Excellent point. And in the comments on Reddit, people posted that actually it’s even less than that, about .97 cents per child. Who would do that who wasn’t a total creep? Some people had sympathy for the asker because it’s hard to go back to work when you have children and make it make financial sense, especially right now with all daycare and schools closed. But still. Picked up AND dropped off??


A few people wanted an update, and JohnnyLong123 said she deleted the post even after upping her asking price to $180.

I guess you don’t get what you want if you don’t ask! But don’t ask for that.

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