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Woman Asks If She’d Be A Jerk For Making Short Fiancé Wear “Man Heels” To Their Wedding

In an AITA, or Am I The A-hole, post on Reddit, one woman presents quite the wedding planning proposition. Should she, in a totally-not-a-bridezilla move, ask her future husband to wear five-inch man heels to their wedding?

The OP explained that she’s 5’3 and he’s 5’5, which would be fine — except that she’s wearing a fancy pair of Jimmy Choos to the wedding, and that she’s gonna be taller than him.

She writes, “I can already hear all the annoying comments people making about me being taller than him. When we first started dating a lot of people would say things like, ‘omg I couldn’t imagine dating someone under 6.’ You guys are like the same size!”

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Her plan? “I’m thinking about asking him to wear platform dress shoes or those inserts for his shoes to make him taller, but I’m worried he might be offended, or feel like I don’t like him for him…but I’m also afraid if I don’t wear the shoes it might hurt my grandma’s feelings.”

She also mentioned that her fiancé had been made fun of in the past for his height and that she didn’t wanna add to that trauma. “I’m not saying I want to demand him to wear the boosts,” she wrote, “I was just scared that even bringing it up could hurt his confidence.” Oh, and he’d only need to wear them for the pictures. 

Here’s what Twitter had to say. Some folks defended the OP, which seems a bit generous:

…which others responded to with a pretty fail-proof argument:

Why not just explain to grandma that you love the shoes, you’re gonna wear them, and it’s gonna make you taller than your man because you’re a goddess like that. Who cares?

Ding ding ding!

Maybe age is the real problem here, says one Twitter user?

And then the conspiracies took over:

A good rule of thumb is to always turn judgemental statements back on the hater:

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