aita sil cover up tattoos wedding

Bride Wonders If She’s A Jerk For Asking SIL To Cover Inappropriate Tattoos At Her Wedding

People want to have the perfect wedding. They do. And that’s understandable. But what happens when you force your wedding guests to cover their tattoos? Does that become bridezilla territory? For most people, definitely yes.

In a now-deleted AITA Reddit thread titled, “AITA for making my SIL cover up her tattoos with makeup for my wedding?” (AITA stands for “Am I The A-Hole?”)  a bride-to-be describes a situation that initially makes her seem like, yes, a total a-hole: Her sister-in-law is covered in tattoos and is planning on wearing a spaghetti strap dress, and she’s just not into it.

Except that her sister-in-law is covered in white supremacy tattoos (even though she’s “not a nazi, she’s just proud to be white”). Not the a-hole anymore, huh?

aita sil cover up tattoos wedding, aita cover up tattoos wedding

The OP wrote, “One is the number 1488, another is the confederate flag, and another says ‘white and proud.'”

In case you’re unsure, ‘1488’ is a white supremacist symbol. The ’14’ refers to the “14 Words” slogan, which is too hateful to even write here. It’s all about white people.  And the ’88’ refers to Hitler. 

The whole AITA post was captured and posted to Twitter before it was removed from Reddit:

aita sil cover up tattoos wedding, aita cover up tattoos wedding

And of course, Twitter had a lot to say. Many of the responses sounded like this:

A lot of people were asking the obvious question: WHY are they still allowing the sister to be part of the wedding?

And is the husband totally okay with it, too? There are always the annoying, get-too-drunk-at-weddings family members, and then there are the white supremacists who somehow are part of your bloodline. And they probably shouldn’t get invites.

A cheese grater seems the only way to remove those tattoos.

The whole post was a roller-coaster from start to finish, and this is exactly what it felt like:

Then there were some pretty lame responses…

Which were quickly shut down…

People pointed out of the most out-of-control statements in the AITA post itself:

Oh, and regarding that Spongebob mess?

So, yeah, maybe everyone IS THE A-hole?

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