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27 Tattoo Artists Reveal The Ink They Refused To Do And Why


“My friend is a tattoo artist. One of her clients asked for her boyfriend’s full name on her neck. She refused because they had only be dating for a few weeks. She also refused to tattoo a 16-year-old. Her mother came in complaining after the 16-year-old left. Nothing really happened, other than the owner had to force her to get out. Now shes banned, but the 16-year-old came back when she was old enough since she didn’t do anything wrong, really.”justasadbrokendorito


“My manager’s brother runs a tattoo shop and if I remember right they turned down a lot of young white girls when the anchor tattoo on the ankle with something like “refuse to sink” or some sh—t because anchors are literally made to sink.”—_retail_bitch


“There are loads of reasons I’d turn a client down… too young, wants a hand tattoo but doesn’t have any anywhere else, wants a neck tattoo but no other tattoos. Had a dude ask me to tattoo a swastika on him, told him to go f—k himself. Most of the time I won’t say no to a client, I’ll rather try to get them to see things from my perspective and work on the idea until we’re both happy.

One time I had a 16-year-old come in with his mother for his first tattoo. Both nice people, well-kempt but the son wanted a broken heart tattooed on his face, the mother being fully supportive. I sheepishly explained the problem with a face tat at 16 and they agreed to move it. I’ll also refuse any kind of script on the side of the finger because it’s f—king stupid and NEVER looks good healed.”InvoluntaryHuman


“I turn away anything with swazis, bolts, or other racist bulls—t. I also ask what any symbols I don’t know are, and confirm before doing them. I don’t need some racist sh—t running people off.”BjOaNmEzR


“Partner does cosmetic tattoo and a girl with those recently fashionable thick eyebrows that look like Groucho Marx, wanted my partner to join them up and give her a mono-brow. She refused but I on the other hand, feel the customer is always right and would have gladly given it a go.”LedgerDemaine


“I was getting a tattoo done on my side. Another patron next to me was getting a tattoo of Jesus giving it doggy style to another Jesus (Jesus F—king Christ)…. like it was no big deal. That artist wraps up his appointment and takes his next appointment. It’s a young girl probably early 20’s that wants the Roxy logo on her hip. He refuses the logo and cancels the appointment. Lol”IronMiketyhon


“I once asked the guy who does mine and he told me he just turned down a girl who came in on her 18th birthday wanting a Gucci Mane style ice cream cone on her face. It was her first and he shot it down.”Godbullseye

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