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Boyfriend Proposes With His Grandma’s Ring, Then Girlfriend Roasts Him, And Now The Internet Is Upset

We’ve seen our fair share of stories about entitled brides-to-be and their engagement rings. From women wondering if he spent enough, to bridezillas making their beaus buy 3 rings before “getting it right.” 

This story, however, seems to come from an honest place, even though people aren’t particularly happy with the bride-to-be.

What happened:

A woman on Facebook looked for some assistance after her boyfriend proposed with his Grandmother’s ring. The woman said yes and was so excited to marry him, but there was a problem: she hated the heirloom ring he proposed with. 


The vintage, definitely haunted pearl ring was once owned by her boyfriend’s grandmother and was important to the family, but it wasn’t her style.

Not able to talk to her boyfriend or family about it, she turned to the internet for guidance:

Via: Reddit
Via: Reddit


Maybe the woman didn’t vent about the ring in the correct way, but it feels like the bigger issue is that there was no communication between the couple before the proposal. People have to wear these rings for the rest of their lives, shouldn’t they at least have a say in the matter? It’s easy to layout simple guidelines for picking out a ring, like: I like gold plated, pear-shaped diamonds, and doesn’t look like it was pried from someone who didn’t make it off the Titanic. 

The ring he gave her is definitely ugly if you don’t have that specific taste in rings and when giving heirloom rings, there are actually a few things you should do before proposing with one, as outlined in this article.

It’s cool to get an old ring with special stories attached to it, but hers looked like it might have ghosts attached instead. It would look so nice in a jewelry box! 

Of course, people on Reddit had really strong opinions about her dislike of the ring: 

Via: Reddit

Maybe predicting some future issues for the couple: 

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And giving some advice for the groom: 

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It looks like he took it like a champ (or just a good partner):

Via: Reddit

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