Men Are Telling Women What Sex Feels Like From Their Perspective

Is it a day that ends with a “y?”

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Yes? Then it’s time for your semi-weekly horny AskReddit post!

Redditor angie1823lol asked, “What does sex feel like from a guy’s perspective?”

Thousands of comments were left on the thread but prepare for 10 deep truths and some rather odd comparisons.

1. Fresh, warm towels

“You know when you take thick towels out of the dryer and you press them against your face while they are still warm? It’s like that but for your genitals.”


Username checks out.

2. The hug you’ve been longing for all your life

“It’s like you spend your life getting hugs, but never feeling whole, an empty hug, but then you have sex and it’s like being completely and totally hugged and accepted and loved.”


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3. A reallyyy tight glove

“Think of putting on a really tight glove with a hand warmer in it when your in Antarctica and then it’s tight and swallows you.”


4. Some nice cashmere socks

“If I was to compare it to anything, I’d say it’s more akin to putting on comfortably tight, cashmere socks that have been sitting in front of a heat source when your feet are cold. It’s just a very cozy, warm feeling that is only heightened by the inherent pressure and wetness.”


5. America’s favorite dessert

“Warm Apple Pie.”


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6. Getting hit by a brick

“An orgasm is like a pulsating contraction of every muscle down there with a good feeling radiating from the pelvis region but also the entire spine and brain.

Afterward it’s like you got hit with a brick in the head and you fall asleep instantly. It’s a pleasant thing and not meant to insult you.”


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7. A real good sneeze

“Like a sneeze. A build up of agitation followed by a quick and sudden release that may or may not require a tissue or 2 to clean up. The divergence between the analogies is in the amount of shame you feel afterwards.”


“I’ll add it’s like a really, really good sneeze. Not painful, not extraordinarily violent, but that sneeze that you are just dying to get out – the one that clears your sinuses and leaves you smiling and in a haze afterward. You think “Wow, everything seems so clear now that I have unleashed a huge load from my body.”


8. The best massage you could get inside your butt

“It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but so long as you take things slow it shouldn’t hurt. From there it’s like the best kind of massage you could ever get inside ur ass.”


9. Quencing your thirst

“You know when you’re so thirsty that your lips are chapped and your mouth is dry, but then you drink some water and it’s so fucking good because it’s exactly what you needed and every fiber of your being is consumed by the moist euphoria of that water cascading over every ripple and fold of your esophagus until you’re finally quenched to the point of bursting and you release a satisfied “…ahhhhhh!”

It’s like that, but you also get to squeeze some titties.”


10. Warm honey

“Like putting your finger in warm honey.. and you can feel the taste of the honey with your finger… and you F***ING LOVE IT.”


Stay horny, Reddit– don’t you ever change!

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