Teen Actor Got Her Mask Pierced To Her Ear In “COVID-19 Horror Story”

Teen actor Sissy Sheridan shared her “COVID-19 horror story” where she got her mask painfully pierced to her ear in a viral TikTok.

Sissy, host of DIY With Me on Nickelodeon, went to get her ears pierced at Icing by Claire’s, but it went horribly wrong. Face masks are required in public in Virginia, where Sissy lives, and she actually wore two masks as an extra precaution. But in a “freak accident” the strap of one of Sissy’s masks got pierced to her ear.

Sissy shared a video on TikTok crying over the piercing with her mask still stuck to her ear.

@itssissysheridanmoral of the story. don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

“I just got my third earring pierced and the lady pierced my f*cking mask, and I can’t get it off,” Sissy said through tears. “It hurts so bad.”

“Moral of the story. Don’t get your ears pierced during a pandemic,” Sissy captioned her video.

After her mother cut Sissy’s mask so only a bit of the strap was stuck, Sissy posted another TikTok to update her followers.

@itssissysheridanEAR PIERCING UPDATE 👂 💍♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

“Basically the mask is gone, out of my ear, but there is still a piece of the mask string stuck in my ear,” Sissy said. “When it got pierced, it got pierced inside my ear so there’s a piece stuck, and my ears are too sore and sensitive right now, because I just got a whole piercing, to take the earring out and pull it out. And also once I take the earring out it could also close up and it’s going to hurt really bad to put the earring back in.”

Sissy also posted a video of her getting her ears pierced.

@itssissysheridanwhere it all went wrong❤️ (the first ear was the one she pierced my mask to)♬ original sound – itssissysheridan

Sissy’s viewers were concerned after they saw her TikTok, but many couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sissy I feel so bad but I’m laughing,” popular TikToker Addison Re commented.

Once she calmed down, Sissy was able to see the humor in the situation as well.

“LOL it’s okay me too,” Sissy told Addison.

Sissy told BuzzFeed News she recognizes this was an accident and doesn’t want the piercer to get in trouble over this. However, she questions what precautions businesses are taking as they start to reopen.