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Twitter Turned Justin Bieber’s Ugly Mansion Into A Meme (20 Tweets)

Self-isolating can be stressful regardless of where you live. But with many of us cooped up in small apartments with our families or roommates, it’s easy to look over at rich celebrities with their giant mansions and sprawling landscapes and get a little bit jealous.

But not all mansions are created equal. No, we’re definitely not asking you to feel sorry for celebrities living in less amazing mansions than other celebrities. But we ARE saying that some mansions are so tacky, you may rather stay in your cute and homey studio when it comes down to it. So it goes with Justin Bieber’s ex-living situation.

A flyover photo of Bieber’s former digs went viral over the weekend after everyone suddenly realized how singularly hideous it is.

The mansion reportedly cost Bieber $60,000 a month when he lived there back in 2015 and is valued at $10.5 million.

But the Twittersphere knows better than to believe a high price point equals anything more than entertainment value, and they were quick to spend the last few days completely roasting the community college-esque architecture.

Some felt it looked like something straight out of a computer game.

Others likened it to the most architecturally unappealing structures you can find in the real world.

Fortunately for Bieber, he and wife Hailey have other mansions (yes, mansions) at this point—ones that seem more appealing and less “billionaire-CEO-turned-evil-villain.” So unfortunately for us, we have to go right back to being jealous of him while he’s tucked away in luxurious comfort and we’re confined to a handful of rooms at best.

But whoever might currently be wasting away in that corporate green glass blender of a house definitely has it worse than all of us.

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