Woman Asks For Advice About Boyfriend Who Won’t Stop Fighting A Waffle House Cook

The subreddit r/relationships is often full of kinda sad stories of people treating each other badly, but once in a while it offers such an absurd relationship problem, it takes over the Internet. Today, that story is one posted by u/ThrowRA_wafflehouse, who titled it, “My (29F) Boyfriend (29M) keeps getting into fights with a cook at Waffle House.”

She says she and her boyfriend have been together for three years. They’re doing pretty well financially and could eat anywhere. But her boyfriend loves to eat breakfast foods when they eat out because she says that when he was a kid, his mom would make him breakfast food for dinner when his dad was out of town. Freud, get in here, you’re gonna love this one.

Anyway, they wind up at Waffle House a lot, which she says she doesn’t mind because she’s “not a big eater.” The problem is that at the Waffle House…another side of her gentle, loving boyfriend comes out.

She says that he always wants to go to the SAME Waffle House, but it’s gotten impossible because he and one of the cooks “keep chirping at each other” every time they go.

“BF complained about his eggs one time, because he likes them a little runny and they were served hard. The cook responded by giving him scrambled eggs. When he brought it up again the cook served him two hardboiled eggs. I think it was just part of the cook’s schtick, and it was kind of funny tbh, but my BF wasn’t able to laugh it off. When we left he was in kind of a bad mood, but we didn’t really talk about it.”

She says the following week her boyfriend wanted to go back to the same Waffle House. Again, the same cook served him the wrong eggs. Twice. He threw them at the cook, who then came around from the kitchen.

“They ended up sort of wrestling/fighting until my BF was like ‘this is bullsh—t’ and walked out,” she writes. “Nobody got hurt, but the few other people in there were watching and laughing a bit.” Then she says:

“This is the crazy part.: my BF keeps going back and ordering eggs and getting into fistfights with the same cook. It’s almost a ritual at this point. My BF orders runny eggs, the cook serves him some other version of eggs, and then they beat the shit out of each other. I quite going with him after the second fight, but he kept going by himself. They’re like Peter and the giant chicken from Family Guy, it’s the weirdest thing. They’ve physically fought like 6 or 7 times over this.”


Wow. Why does he keep telling her about the fights??

I’m sorry, that’s the least of all the questions we could be asking. Anyway, she says she’s tried to talk to him about his passionate relationship with a Waffle House line cook, but he just tells her it’s “the principal” of the thing. She doesn’t understand why the cook won’t just make runny eggs either, but says it’s like “he spends the week learning new ways of preparing eggs to piss my boyfriend off.”

They’re planning to move to another city and have been under quarantine, but she feels certain he will be at Waffle House as soon as lockdown ends. She mostly seems worried that she’s about to marry someone with a bizarre, vindictive, obsessive side to his personality that she never knew about before.

“Should I be worried that this side of him will come up later in our marriage? how do I get him to open up about this? Is this type of obsession a choice, or is it indicative of something deeper?”

Before we take these questions seriously, here are some reactions to this story: some people said it wasn’t real. To this I say:

Many others said it was entirely possible because Waffle House is a lawless place. Of the people who believed it, the majority are pretty sure that her boyfriend is in love with this cook and they belong together:

On the other hand, maybe her boyfriend needs therapy and to talk about his missing dad and his rules against breakfast foods. This is too many feelings to be having about eggs.

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